A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth — Sean Ellis

What is the Growthathon?

Growthathon = Growth Hacking Conference + Growth Hackathon

The job title, “Growth Hacker,” is becoming increasingly prominent in Silicon Valley. Growth hackers investigate the product, market, technology, and metrics to guide marketing. The top growth hackers distinguish themselves through their creativity and guts to try things outside of the norm. The best way to learn the discipline is to learn from someone who’s already an expert and to relentlessly experiment with new distribution channels.

This Growthathon is the first ever growth-hack focused event to bring together marketing & growth-minded people to creatively tackle distribution and acquisition issues.

Up to $1000 in prizes will be given out per company. Prizes include cash, Kindle Fire, iPads, Beats by Dre headsets and more. Different awards will be given out to to the most accomplished growth hackers. More specific details will be released soon.

Demonstrate your creativity.

Help Fandrop, Ark, FamilyLeaf, ApartmentList,

and GetIntro grow.

Build your personal brand.

Win prizes.

Get recruited.

Meet people and have a ton of fun!

What happens at the Growthathon?

On December 8th (Conference + Growth Hackathon), attendees will pitch their ideas on how to tackle the challenge, form teams, measure their progress and metrics and numbers will determine the winners. The challenge will span over a period of 1 week. On December 15th (Award Ceremony), key metrics will be shown and winners will be awarded.

Food and beverages will be served.

Speakers — Get inspired by hearing from Industry leaders speaking on the current trends and discoveries in repeatable and reproducible user acquisition channels.

Mentors — Hone your skills while getting guidance from the best growth hackers with varying expertise in the business during the hackathon group exercises.

Companies — Each of the participating company has a different goal and challenge they want your help with. Attendees are free to partake in multiple challenges. Companies will also have their own metrics for judging and different prizes to offer to winners.

Challenges — The event is open to creativity. You can experiment with anything from building an infographic, PR campaign, SEM campaign, technical approaches, whatever as long as it drives growth. Representatives from each companies will be available to contact and assist you for questions over the course of that week. Some companies will also have a leaderboard for you to track your progress. You get 1 week to play, experiment, and growth-hack.

Up to $1000 in prizes will be given out per company. Prizes include cash, Kindle Fire, iPad Minis, and more. Different awards will be given out to to the most accomplished growth hackers. More specific details will be released soon.


Ken Zi Wang

Co-founder & CEO, Fandrop Inc

Aaron Ginn

Head of Growth, StumbleUpon and Simplee

Featured Speakers!

Hiten Shah

CEO, KISSMetrics

Gagan Biyani

Co-founder and President of Udemy

Simon Tisminezky

CEO, Speeddate.com

Aditya Jami

Founder & CTO FAN

Featured Mentors!

Aaron Ginn

Head of Growth, StumbleUpon and Simplee

Ning Liang

Co-founder RentMetrics.com, Growth Team Twitter, Pinterest

Gagan Biyani

Co-founder and President, Udemy

Jesse Farmer

Co-founder Dev-Bootcamp and The Awesome Foundation

Anne A. Ward

CEO CircleClick, Clients include Tagged and Heroku

Simon Tisminezky

CEO, Speeddate.com

Ben Kempner

ApartmentList, Vertical Brands

Ajay Mehta

Co-founder, FamilyLeaf

Chris Herndon

Co-founder and President, Apartmentlist.com

Russell Klusas

EIR, Founder Institute

Zach Crittendon

Growth Team, Intuit

Thomas Schranz

Co-founder and CEO, Blossom.io

Aditya Jami

Founder & CTO FAN

An exclusive community of "droppers" that use our droplet to collect, discover, and share the best content on the web.


Drive traffic or increase engagement on our site. You can do this by creating original content to drop to our page. This ranges from a video, images, website, music, written piece, anything! You can also just curate the best content on the web and spread the message about Fandrop via social media or anywhere else.


Signup for the challenge at www.fandrop.com/growthathon, follow your progress on our leaderboard at www.fandrop.com/leaderboard/growthathon.


Total score = Agrregated page views (1pt)
+ upvotes (5 pts) + comment (5 pt) + refferals (50 pts)


iPad Mini, Beats by Dre headsets

Apartment List is the world’s fastest-growing apartment search engine that that is creating a trustworthy and transparent marketplace for renters and landlords.


Apartment List is launching a new tool for apartment owners to post their apartments to our site and Craigslist. Grow our user base and awareness by generating the most postings, sign-ups and visits.


The tool is available at http://owners.apartmentlist.com for tracking, each team or hacker needs to email ben@apartmentlist.com for a referral tag that they need to append to any urls they send users to.


Total score = 5 pts for owners posting + 3 pts for user signups (minimum 10 postings for prize)


$1500 cash prize + $250 for any group that generates 10+ postings.

One of the key skills for success in life is to be connected. INTRO is an intuitive mobile App which helps people meet the right people for business and keep engaged with their existing contacts.


Get the highest number of social connections between all your contacts on INTRO. The best way to achieve this is to get your contacts and your contacts contacts on the service.


The highest number of social connections between all your contacts on INTRO.



Crowdtilt is the easiest way to pool money with your group!


Generate as many new campaigns as possible using a special promo code assigned to your team.


  1. Contact Marek@crowdtilt.com to receive a special promotion code. Once you have the promocode, you can tag links the following way. https://www.crowdtilt.com/campaigns/new?promotion_code=yourpromocodehere
  2. However, since a user might go to other parts of the website, you want to always also add utm tags to the link which get stored in the cookie, and is then associated with a campaign if the user starts one. So the full URL should be: https://www.crowdtilt.com/campaigns/new?utm_source=YourName&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=EnterIdea&promotion_code=yourpromocodehere


10 pts for each campaign that raises $100 or more...
4 pt for each campaign that raises $1-$99.
1 pt for each campaign.


$1500 cash prize for highest number of points (min 100) + $250 for any group that generates 10+ campaigns that raise $100 or more.

Wello makes it easier to get and stay fit by connecting fitness professionals with consumers over live, interactive video for convenient, accountable workout sessions. Wello enables clients to easily search for, schedule and pay for workout sessions with Wello-vetted fitness professionals. Wello sessions can be done from home, a hotel room, office or local park. A laptop, webcam and internet connection is all that’s required – no fitness equipment needed. Visit www.wello.co and get your sweat on!


Get the highest number of referral sign-ups.


Email Leslie@wello.com for a referral url.


New clients that book Wello workouts, extra points for referral sign-ups


Jawbone Up + Wello personal training workouts + interview for a full-time growth hacker position.

FamilyLeaf is a simple way to keep all the family's information in one place, and to share photos and updates with everyone at once.


Get users to sign up for FamilyLeaf that will invite at least 3 family members.


The growth hacker that successfully converted the most qualified users (that invited at least 3 family members)


Kindle Fire

In a boycott, everyone loses.
In a Carrotmob, everyone wins.

In a Carrotmob campaign, a group of people offers to spend their money to support a business, and in return the business agrees to make an improvement that the people care about. We are called Carrotmob because we use the "carrot" instead of the "stick." We have had over 250 campaigns in over 20 countries. Now, we're working with some of the world's largest brands on Carrotmobs with even larger impacts.


  1. Grow Carrotmob's community. On our homepage, we have a very simple sign up prompt. Whoever can grow our community by the most members (i.e. emails) by the end of the week long challenge will win.
  2. Carrotmob has recently entered into an exploratory agreement with one of the world's largest companies, Unilever. As a part of this, we are sourcing the best ideas for Carrotmobs. Your challenge is this: create the best concept for a global Carrotmob campaign. Any idea is a good idea. Whoever wins will have the opportunity to pitch it to a Unilever executive.


Grow Carrotmob's community. Pitch good ideas to Carrotmob at Alex@carrotmob.org.




Get a chance to make a difference and pitch your ideas to the Unilever Executives


Dec 8th

Growth Hacking Conference + Growth Hackathon

9:30am - 10:30am — Coffee, tea, snacks and hang out (intro)

10am — Company setup

10:30am - 11am — Intro MC + First speaker (Aditya)

11am - 12:15pm — Presentation from 7 startups (10 minutes each — 5 mins of company, challenge info + 5 mins Q&A)

12:15 - 12:30pm — Ice breaker session

12:30 - 1:30pm — Catered lunch, hangout, team formation

1:30 - 2pm — Second speaker (Gagan Biyani)

2pm - 4pm — Growth hacking and mentoring

4pm - 5pm — Presentation of teams for each startup

5pm — Sponsors, partners, event announcements

Onwards-> happy hour downstairs


1 Hallidie Plaza, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102
P. 415.573.0856


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December 15th

Awards Ceremony

Key metrics will be revealed and reviewed. Winners will be awarded.

2pm - (Check in, Mingle)

3pm - (Speaker)

3:30pm - (Startup metrics presentation)

4pm - (Awards presentation)

Key metrics will be revealed and winners will be awarded. Drinks provided.

Awards Ceremony Location

1 Hallidie Plaza, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102
P. 415.573.0856

After Party

Drinks and light appetizers provided. Expect a spectacular view and a trampoline.

The party starts at 6pm!

After Party Location

Westfield Centre Shopping Centre (SF State College of Extended Learning)
835 Market St. 6th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

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